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Donation Programs

1. Individual Sponsorship Program
We presently have 51 children in school. You can choose to Sponsor for a child. The money required per child per month is as follows:
a) School fees: Rs 500/child
b) Mid-Day Meals: Rs 500/child
c) Transportation: Rs 500/child
d) Medical expenses: Rs 500/child
2. Infrastructure Donation Program
Currently WARDS has one building which has office, part of Vocational Section and 2 classrooms and a very old building which is being used for dining and vocational training. The classrooms are being shared for teaching and also for therapies. The old building is in very bad condition with a leaky roof, very old and weak walls and cannot be used for activities in future. There is a temporary shed which is being used as kitchen to prepare mid-day meals.There has been an increase in admissions and the current infrastructure is not sufficient to carry on activities for the children.
A proposal has been made to construct a new building with three floors with state of the art facilities for providing all the required services for the differently abled. The Phase 1 of the project Ground floor consists of dining hall, kitchen and office; First floor consists of classrooms or therapy rooms and Staff Room and second floor consists of Auditorium. The existing new building will be used for vocational training and therapy services in future and the old building will be demolished. An estimate of Rs. 1,60,000 Lakhs has been made for the same. The Phase 1 of the construction has commenced on March 6, 2017.

How to donate?

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